Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Comment on Skeptical? So was I! by Humana Health Insurance

Humana Health Insurance. referrals hunks counsel hypocrisy Kerr sewing.rattling reorganize Wellcare Health Insurance

Vimo Launches Click-to-Call - New High-Touch Consumer Service ...

Vimo Launches Click-to-Call - New High-Touch Consumer Service Means Great Leads for Insurance Brokers Vimo today launches a revolutionary service for its consumer visitors and insurance broker partners: VimoLive(TM)Click-to-Call allows ...

Post-Katrina Rejections Get Expensive for Insurance Companies

A jury awards millions to a Mississippi couple whose insurance company snubbed them after Hurricane Katrina...

Health Insurance for Illegals?

Q: Explain to me how this is fair. I live in California and I am uninsured. I make a decent monthly income, so I do not qualify for any state assistance programs, like Medicaid.

War in the general insurance market In India

Round 1 of the pricing battle for business has gone to the state-owned insurers, who have turned out to be much more aggressive price warriors than the upstart private players, who have cornered a sizeable business in the past five ...

China Life Insurance (LFC) - Big Growth Ahead

Although China Life still has to face growing competition and has not successfully completed its conversion to higher margin products, its current valuation does not fully reflect its growth prospects.

NAR Pres. Health Insurance

I just read my daily news letter from the Florida Assoc of Realtors. One of the stories was about our new Pres. speaking before congress about health care.

Burial Insurance Buying Guide

Death may seem so morbid to discuss in any given situation, but because it is a fact, some people have thought to generate profit from that concept instead.

Long term or Short term, Public Health Insurance Costs are Growing ...

Since 1975, government spending on health care has grown faster than government revenues.

California Health Insurance Roundup

The Governator announced a “Universal Health Care” scheme.